Composer, Musician, and Artist

James Regan is an east coast native who now finds himself oddly confused by the location of the ocean. When he’s not being led astray by his nautically dependent sense of direction, James is a composer for film and video games in Burbank, California.

James moved to Los Angeles to attend USC’s Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television program, and to pursue his career in film music. Before USC, he lived in London for two years after graduating magna cum laude from Towson University in Composition. There he also studied and performed on classical guitar, a continuing endeavor. James’ passion for music started at an early age with the dulcet tones of the alto sax (not unlike that of a feral goose), which then transitioned over to classical guitar. But to find the drive for creating music, we must visit the turn of the century, where James was introduced to an early version of music notation software.

It was then that James made a brilliant deduction.

“Wait a minute,” he exclaimed to himself, “people can actually write music?!”

One does not come across a mind of such superlative deductive reasoning very often, and it is a moment to be treasured. Since then he has spent every day writing, practicing, and performing, striving to learn something new and continue improving. All for the goal of bringing worlds and stories alive on screen with his music.

In Los Angeles, James has worked on studio and indie projects of all types, composing, producing, editing, and recording scores for nearly all genres and styles. He has conducted and led recording sessions and live performances of Hollywood studio musicians and has worked in film, television, video games, and digital projects on both the creative and technical sides of music creation.

In his spare time James authors the webcomic James of No Trades, and enjoys eating, sleeping, and writing about himself in the third person.


James took the rough description I gave him and created the perfect theme music for my website. He is a talented professional with a strong creative vision and I look forward to working with him again.

      Adrianna Devlin    evesrising.com


  • Original Music
  • Score Prep
  • Parts and Copying
    Music Preparation
  • Temp Tracks and Sync
  • Live Musicians
    Recording and Mixing